EdifyMed live on the Google Play

Edify Medical is proud to announce we have now launched EdifyMed on GooglePlay. A Multi-lingual education and training App embracing inclusion to break down the barriers of healthcare inequality.

Supporting different learning styles with presentations from leading clinicians and industry training
with multi-lingual subtitles and text transcripts. Complete, record and share your continued professional development (CPD) in a language you are most comfortable with.
Learn when and where you want, in a style you are most comfortable with:
• Video presentations with subtitles
• Multi-lingual text transcripts and subtitles
• Easily change between languages (currently English and Thai with more languages coming soon)
• Record your CPD and share
• Increase/decrease text sizes
• Bookmark articles to easily reference
• Read out loud text in different languages
EdifyMed also offers an opportunity for Clinicians to share their knowledge with their colleagues around the globe.