Everyone Deserves a Voyce

 On-demand interpretation in 240+ languages. 

 Voyce’s professional interpreters are available in under 30 seconds and provide immediate video and/or audio interpretation. 

Voyce gives you on-demand access to technology-enabled remote interpretation, 24/7. Now, you can communicate with confidence and mitigate language barriers in everyday life.

Voyce – brought to you in Australia by Edify Medical

Communicate with confidence

Voyce’s professional qualified medical interpreters lead with empathy and compassion, letting your care team communicate confidently when it matters most. With a deep understanding of cultural nuances and the ability to convey complex medical terminology in a sensitive manner, Voyce’s medical interpreters ensure that patients receive the care they need with dignity and respect.


Voyce is integrated with Epic, teladoc, doxy.me, Health Hub, Greenway Health and Zoom meaning sessions are automatically documented.


Voyce is compliant with all health privacy legislations, such as The Australian Privacy Act, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and more.


Voyce’s qualified medical language interpreters receive 60+ hours of specialized training.


Voyce’s dedicated support team prides itself on ensuring you always have the service you need.

 Average wait time to reach an interpreter

Voyce ensures you’ll always be able to communicate when it matters the most

Voyce has 2000+ dedicated interpreters ready to take your call

 In additional training courses for interpreters

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Voyce Features

Rigorous training and certification

Voyce University hosts an online curriculum for interpreter assessment, training, and continuing education. The Voyce University 60-hour Professional Medical Interpretation Course qualifies Voyce interpreters to take nationally recognized accreditation exams. All interpreters are required to complete continuing education courses that include biannual HIPAA, PIPEDA, and CMS Fraud, Waste, and Abuse recertification. Voyce interpreter candidates are required to meet the company’s minimum requirement for consideration: two years of confirmed professional interpretation experience and 60 hours of professional interpretation training. 

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Voyce – Brought to you by Edify Medical in Australia