How to create the best video presentation

Pre-recorded video presentations offer many opportunities to share your findings with others. You don’t need to worry about making your video completely error-free. Instead, concentrate on communicating information clearly, accurately, and with minimal distractions.

If you have presentations you have recorded recently and are not sure if they are suitable please contact us.

Popular options

There are a few platforms which you may already use which offer you the option to record your presentation. If you are already familiar with one of them we recommend you use that one, see below some popular options.

Record using PowerPoint PowerPoint (Windows & Mac)
For instructions please click here and here is a handy How-to-Video.

Record using Microsoft teams (Windows & Mac)
For instructions using Microsoft Teams here is a link to instructions for recording a presentation.

Record using Zoom (Windows & Mac)
For instructions using zoom please click here and here is a handy How-to-Video

Ensure you are centred and the camera is at eye level

Ensure you are centred in frame and the camera is elevated

Don't clutter yours slides

Don’t put too much information on your slides.

If you are using Power Point your video will be in the bottom corner

Remember to leave space for your video when building your slides

Keep the bottom clear for captions

We will be putting captions on the screen so leave the bottom of the screen clear.

Here are some considerations…

A few tips to help you create the best presentation…


  • Please make sure the room is well lit, no harsh down-lights, no strong light from just one side.
  • It is best to have your light source coming from behind your computer (camera)
  • Don’t have a window with bright daylight coming in behind you

Framing your shot

  • If you are recording with your video in the bottom right of the slides ensure to put yourself  in the centre of your video.
  • If you are recording a video of you doing a presentation, ensure you are slightly off centre to the left or right, rather than directly in the middle of the frame, this will leave a nice space for your slide deck to go.
  • Please ensure the camera is at almost eye level, if you are using a laptop prop it up on books and check the angle before you start. (We don’t want to see up your nose!)
  • Remember we will be adding subtitles across the bottom of the screen so try to keep that section clear.
  • Keep clutter in the background to a minimum, try and keep it simple. A plant or bookcase is fine.

Video Quality

  • Please record and send the highest quality video possible preferably 720 (1280×720) or 1080 (1920×1080). You will be able to export and record your preferred option (check your settings).

Presentation Length

  • Please try and keep your presentation around 10 minutes, we understand some presentations will go longer if it’s possible think about breaking it down into sections. (we understand this isn’t always possible)

Find a quite place

  • Close the windows and the doors whilst you record, you want to find a quiet spot to do your recording.
  • Please speak clearly, if you have a microphone you normally use for online meetings please place it directly in front of you.

Do a short test video

  • Practice making the recording. At the beginning, try making a 1-minute video recording so that you know what you sound (and look) like.
  • This will help you to get the right audio levels and to check the pace of your presentation. You can also familiarize yourself with pausing and restarting the recording in case you want to re-record a part of your presentation while recording – Remember it doesn’t need to perfect!

Please supply

  • Please include powerpoint presentation so we can add into the transcription if you are comfortable to do so.
  • Please include any references (if you are not including in your presentation or supplying the slides) so we can include in the text transcriptions.

Any questions please contact your representative at Edify Medical.