Breaking down the barriers of global healthcare inequality.

Edify Medical is an Australian technology company breaking down barriers by 

“creating tools to drive inclusion for the health sector and beyond”

Developing Apps to help scale communication and training by accommodating different learning styles with text, videos and multi-lingual functionality.  Enabling users to undertake tailored Continued Professional Development (CPD) and training across different industries. Our communication tools foster inclusion and equality for our multi-cultural society. Creating access to a wider audience across the globe.

Our first offering to market EdifyMed, provides Healthcare and Allied health professionals access to practical and theoretical content to support decision making in English and translated into multiple languages.

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“The literature suggests that non-English speaking physicians were found to have difficulties comprehending medical literature in strict English, which constitutes a barrier when practicing Evidence-Based Health Care”

Medical translators wanted

Are you a Clinician, Medical or Health Science Student or do you have a Medical/Health Science degree and can translate English articles into Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malaysian/Melayu, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (Simple Chinese), Thai or Vietnamese?

We are looking for medical translators who would like to join the team and help Edify Medical improve global health outcomes.

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We are creating an ecosystem for health professionals to
learn, share, influence and affirm professional knowledge.

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